Data access rates are not keeping pace with disk capacity, which impacts the rate at which data corruption can be detected and repaired. The cost of digital storage is going down, but the risk of loss when using that storage is going up. As the rate of digital information production continues to escalate, it is vitally important to reduce the cost of preservation within your archive for all types of digital assets and to ensure their long tern viability.

Patrick M. Murphy & Associates can help you to chart a path towards reliable, sustainable and cost effective media archive preservation. We have worked with the largest commercial media libraries in the world to provide them with guidance and solutions and we have the resources and expertise to help you too.

“Media archive preservation enables reliable, authentic, meaningful and accessible data to be carried forward through time, within and beyond organizational boundaries, for as long as they are needed and for the multiple purposes they serve”.

Make sure that your archive is able to carry out its preservation mandate.

- Patrick M. Murphy



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